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Booking Process

Lets Connect

An email, call or meeting can go a long way in answering initial questions about our services is the first step in the timeline. We also love to learn about you, your wedding details, and what is most important for you to have us capture. We will provide you with more insight into our wedding packages and process

Take your pick...

The second step in the timeline is talking about the packages. Tweed offers 2 packages with a wide range of options. We find that everyone is somewhat different in what they want to have in their final package and we want to be able to cater to that! It’s important to us that we both share the same vision of your wedding so that your wedding films are a reflection of YOU.


There are only 2 decisions you need to make:

  1. What package best suits you?

  2. Are there any add ons or deliverables you would like to omit or add to create something more a la carte?

Pick Your Package

One Camera Package:

We recommend the One Camera Package for more intimate weddings with guest lists of 150 and less. This package works well with small spaces and one location getting ready ( since there is only one shooter). Additionally, the deliverables received in this package are two films rather than three. You would receive the two song video (Basic pkg 3-5 mins Premium 5-8 mins) and an edited clip of your full ceremony. This would be sent to you around 65- 90 days after your wedding date.

Two Camera Package:

The Two Camera Package is the best of the best. You get 2 senior shooters shooting with years of experience and expertise in their craft. This adds to the overall diversity and creativity in the shots they take, not to mention they use the highest level cameras and lenses. Overall, it will be a more editorial and stylistic film and approach. This package includes 2 extra hours at no cost and you recieve 4 films with longer lengths. Plus, you receive the music video and a feature length documentary with a high quality user friendly scene selection menu for easy navigation to skip to your favorite scenes to watch!


Thanks for your inquiry. Well get back to you

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